Lockless Protocol

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Step 1.

Mint SWECH by Locking ECH

To Lock: ECH Receive: SWECH Platform: Lockless Protocol Fees: 0.00%

Deposit ECH
(Echelon Native)

Asset Balance 0 ECH 0 WECH 0 SWECH 0 iECH

Mint SWECH by locking ECH

Converting ECH to SWECH is non-reversible.
All ECH that are used to mint SWECH get locked permanently into Lockless Protocol for Staking with the best Echelon Chain Validators.

To convert SWECH back into ECH, anyone can Trade it easily on ABcDeFX.

Step 2.

Add SWECH with ECH to Liquidity

To start earning Liquid Staking rewards from Lockless Protocol, add SWECH with ECH to Liquidity at the ABcDeFx.

By adding SWECH with ECH to Liquidity at ABcDeFx, you will receive special "LP Tokens" with the symbol 'ABcDeFx.LP-SWECH/WECH'.
These LP tokens need to be staked at final Step 3. to start earning rewards!

Step 3.

Liquid Staking for ECH

Deposit: SWECH-ECH LP Rewards: ECH, SWECH, OSMO, USDC Platform: Lockless on ABcDeFx Fees: 0.00%

(ABcDeFx LP)

? Your Stake ? Earned ? A.P.R. ? T.V.L.

Dry Date

Farming History

Total Earnings

Past Interactions

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Important Addresses


Staked-Wrapped Echelon

Vault 1 ⇢ 1,000,000 ECH


Vault 2 ⇢ 1,000,000 ECH


Vault 3 ⇢ 1,000,000 ECH


Vault 4 ⇢ 1,000,000 ECH


Vault 5 ⇢ 1,000,000 ECH


Vault 6 ⇢ 119,860 ECH


Frequently Asked Questions

(Lite Farmlands)

When can we claim rewards?

Rewards accrue each block time and are available for claiming instantly. Each deposit and withdraw harvests your crops automatically and sendsthem to your wallet directly.

How long does a farm last?

Fields on our LITE Farmlands last forever. Rewards last as long as the community decides to keep funding. Top-ups can be made regularly after a farm dries up to start a new season by anyone. There is a countdown timer reflecting the same at each farm, titled "Dry Date". This duration is specified by the tenants when they first occupy their fields.

Which tokens & DEX do Farmlands support?

We support all DEXes. We support all tokens that implement the standard ERC20 functions. We support single sided staking too.

How to create a new Farm?

Did you just launch a Token Pair on your favorite DEX and are looking to set up a farm for free? Please contact us on Discord.gg/QpyfMarNrV and type /newFarm to begin the adventure!


Anyone can request a farm for free. Guru Network merely provides a platform to host your farm under its Farm-Maker program. Listings are in no manner an endorsement. We do not run background checks and the onus of due dilligence lies on the end-user, you. 99.7% of all projects are scams, rugs, slow-rugs, honeypots or outright lies. Please exercise extreme caution while dealing with smart contracts and crypto assets. We do not take any listing fees for this program and never DM you for personal information or keys.

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